Facility Use Request

BGCT facilities are currently closed to facility usage due to COVID-19. The BGCT Facilities & Safety committee will review this policy periodically to assess when its safe to reopen access. Please use the Contact Us area if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding.

We are proud to offer our facilities to our community members. 

Please download our Facility/Equipment request form and return it to our Administrative Office at 550 SE 27th St. along with the deposit.

Things to remember when renting a Boys & Girls Club facility is:

  • $200 deposit is required
  • $65 an hour rental rate
  • $50 an hour rental rate for a non-profit
  • Request must be received two weeks prior to the event
  • Must provide insurance with BGCT relected as an additional insured

For insurance, we recommend you visit https://www.theeventhelper.com/ which will guide you in purchasing insurance for your event.